Nordic Renew Resource has a revolutionary process which combines mechanical, chemical and biological treatment to extract heavy metals from sludge. Our process does not send out any negative particles into the environment, neither the air, the ground or the water and even meets the new more rigid EU requirements. We do not burn any sludge or send it to be buried in the ground because we know that those processes hurts our environment.

Our revolutionary method of removing heavy metals, organic compounds and pathogens from the sludge and prevents them from going back into our Eco-system, the air we all breathe and the soil we use to grow our food and the water we drink every day to live.

With our unique zero waste strategy, total waste management and recycling we have real solutions for wastes and create new sustainable resources.

Our process for producing biogas, in combination with our unique technique gives a highquality gas and at the same time decrease emissions.

With more than 25 years of experience in sludge treatment and biogas, our Engineers are specialists and with innovative methods we can help increase the efficiency at your plants and reduce pollution.

We can always do more!

Our Earth is too valuable to not do everything in our power to help saving it. We must look for new innovations, embrace good technology and invest in saving our future! Nordic Renew Resource AB works with fulfilling 9 of these goals in the Agenda 2030.